About Us

Surf Organic is an environmentally focused Australian surf company, from our Eco-friendly products to impacting the wider surfing community.


It all started in 2011, where we embarked to make our own surf wax. Shortly into this process we discovered how toxic all the ingredients were in standard surf wax a knew there must be a more eco-friendly alternative. After several months of hard work we finally managed to come up with a formula that worked extremely well and met our ecological benchmarks. 


More research into the surfing industry drove our company to focus on education and delivering products to minimise the harm to our environment.


Surf Organic:

  • A member of the 1% For the Planet Foundation, whereby 1% of profits are donated to environmental charities.

  • Employs a no plastic policy, by using only recycled packaging materials.

  • A supporter to the Surfrider Foundation, which is a non for profit sea roots organisation dedicated to the protection of  waves and beaches  across the globe through Conservation, Activation, Research and Education.

  • Actively engaged with a number of non for profits and support groups.

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